How To Sell Your House Quickly

How To Sell Your House Quickly

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You want to sell your house quickly. Why do you want to sell your house in the first place? You may want to sell your house because…

  • You have a debt and you want to clear the debt;
  • You are going through a divorce and you want a settlement;
  • You are buying a new house; or
  • You are moving into another city

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Whatever might be the reasons, selling a house is a hard decision, even harder is the processes of selling your house. Before you begin, you will have to think about the potential buyers. Who might be the people interested in buying your house?

  1. An individual (or a family) who has money and wants to own a house.
  2. A real estate investor, or a real estate company, who buys house from people like you and later sell it to other people.
  3. A property dealer or a broker who makes money from buying and selling houses.
  4. A ‘buy your house for cash’ business or company.

Selling your house to an individual/family

You want to sell your house quickly. There are also people who want to buy home for cash quickly. A seller needs a buyer, and a buyer needs a seller. If the two parties can name a deal, a seller gets cash for his house, and buyer gets house for cash. In order to sell your house to an individual/family you can do numbers of things.

  • Talk to your neighbors, friends and family. Word of mouth is a free yet a powerful advertisement.
  • Place an ad online as well as on newspapers. If you don’t want to spend too much on banner/box ad, try classified.
  • Place a “house for sale” notice on your house.
  • Make a poster of house for sell and paste it on the public places, for instance, church, library, park etc.

Find real estate investor

Where is your house located? Find the real estate investor based in the town. Instead of selling your house to the buyers directly, you can also sell it the investors. If your house has a great potential, a real estate investor may invest on your house and later sell it to the buyers. Selling your house to the real estate investor is fast. If you want to find real estate investors, these tips might help you.

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  • Get in touch with as many real estate investors as you can, contact the investor whose offer is the best.
  • Try to find out whether there is a match between your asking price and investor’s price.
  • Try to solicit a private property appraiser to understand the true value of your house.

Selling Your House Quickly: The Checklist

  1. Have you cleaned your house properly?
  2. Have you done any repair works?
  3. Have you set a price?
  4. Have you invited people for inspection?
  5. Have you evaluated your property?
  6. Have you done any paper work?
  7. Have you cleared utility bills such as electricity bills, water bills etc?
  8. Have you paid house tax?
  9. Have you listed your house with property dealers?
  10. Have you advertised your house on classified ads or any kind of ads?
  11. Have you discussed with your neighbors?
  12. Have you removed your personal items such as photos or other paraphernalia?
  13. Have you placed house on sell play card on your house?
  14. Have you marketed your house properly?



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